Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another day in the office

Two days back from holidays and work is out of control - who said public servants don't work hard. Also to make matters worse most of the decent coffee shops in the area have been close - so all I have had was expensive pissant coffee. At least I have not been reduced to Starbucks.

Also in charge of the team at them moment and it is a challenge to juggle your own work and others, as well as deal with 3 other people who are very intelligent and ambitious. I console myself that they are not sleep deprived like myself. However I don't know how long I can use that excuse!

HOwever, sometimes I need a strong blast to get me through the day. Onto my 3rd night of controlled crying with the bubsa and it is actually helping me get some sleep, she is now waking at 5.30am - oh bliss, but still appears to have an obsession with the titsyboobsarini (breast) for a 16 month old.

She had a great first day back at childcare and is happy there - I am now unsure that I have done the right thing in changing childcare in a fortnight.


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